this is an ongoing collection of links, pdfs, images, videos, and podcasts that have informed my thoughts and process in creating playscapes



a study of the play-element in culture
homo ludens by j. huizinga is an indepth look at play over time, culture, and manifestations

the pedagogy of play
a discussion on the importance of play in education and work

my musings on design and play

the play ethican interview with Pat Kane the author of the play ethic on how we are shifting from a work economy to a play economy

social infrastructure

what is social infrastructure

parks as social infrastructure

web design as architecture

playground design

noguchi’s play mountain noguchi’s approach to playground design has influenced my approach to design and digital experiences

99% invisible podcast on play mountain this podcast ignited my interest in playground design at the beginning of 2019 which has manifested in many different creative explorations

excerpts from playgrounds: peter heseltine, john holborn play is found in non-designed spaces such as mounded ground and slopes. this book also explores the sensory and tactile qualities of play

design for fun: playgrounds
the visuals of the playground design described in this book influenced many of my forms and textures

body and play

play in relation to body and object
this interaction draws upon material, body, and play 

object informing play
the form and material of this object determine the kind of play that happens when it is used 

digital playgrounds

tactile websites
a collection of websites that feel material and tactile

playgrounds over paths
an block that bridges the gap between playground design and user experience

uncanny valley video
3D rendered objects and people in their own space that blends physicality and digitality

form + materiality

interview with Katherine Hayles on materiality

hylics video game
this game was created by scanning in 3D objects into the 2D space which inspired many of the visuals for this project

franco mazzucchelli sculpture